A Regular Ham

"We’ve been taking Wee Bop classes consistently for 2 years since our little guy was one and a half. We keep signing up because he loves it and we love watching him learn and grow.


At first he was slow to warm up to participating in classes (he was initially sharpening his skills of observation), but we kept coming and Ms. Chellie encouraged him gently and respectfully and now he’s a regular ham both in class and at home. It has been so amazing to watch his confidence and curiosity expand around music. He shouts out instruments he identifies in songs and sings us songs he loves and even ones he writes!


His dad is a local musician, so we have many instruments around and lots of music in our home, but we knew we wanted to carve out time to bond with him and connect as he discovers the joy of music. We love going to Wee Bop classes and as Northeasters are thrilled to have such an awesome music education option for our kiddo in our neighborhood."

  ~ Parent, E. M.


We started our daughter young

"When we enrolled our daughter in Wee Bop music classes, she was nine months old. We were looking for some type of music class that would expose her to music in a way that we could also participate.  It turned out it was a great way for me and my daughter to bond musically. I think it was because of Wee Bop that she and I still play and sing silly songs at home, and she loves to ham things up and put on little shows.”

 ~ Parent, P. J. S.


Most engaging, thoughtful, and responsive

"After sampling multiple toddler music classes, I found Wee Bop's to be the most engaging, thoughtful, and responsive to the needs of the children. I love how the teacher let's children explore real instruments, it was so refreshing! We were also pleased that the class was the most affordable of the 4 organizations we were considering!"

~ Parent, J.B.


Wee Bop helped with potty training!

Wee Bop was instrumental in moving my granddaughter toward being potty trained! We gave her the Wee Bop CD for a Christmas present. Later in January she came home from her family day care and told her mom she wanted "underwears." (She had a friend there who was wearing them and using the potty).  One evening after dinner her mom (our daughter) said, you can put on your underwear and we can  listen to Wee Bop. This sounded like fun! She got to dance, jump and wiggle in her new underwear. The next night she wanted to do it again, and the next night... It became part of her evening routine! Later she started to get seriously interested in using the potty and the rest is history! THANKS WEE BOP!!!

~ Grandparent, S.M.


The cutest

"I found our daughter asleep in bed last night hugging her egg shaker like it was a teddy bear."

~ Parent, C.M.

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