Online summer classes

Registration for summer classes now open.  Click here to see the schedule.

Community: It's been an extremely difficult time for our community.  Minneapolis has been at the center of a horrible, disturbing crime and the subsequent unrest. Many of us are looking for ways to balance the heaviness we feel by giving back.


Giving: Businesses are looking for ways to rebuild and families are looking for resources.  If you would like to make a contribution this link has a long list of funds and organizations looking for support.  Please consider a donation to one or more.

There’s a special magic that happens in Wee Bop music classes.  It’s so much more than singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and dancing the Hokey Pokey (although we love them). 

In Wee Bop classes kids will:

  • Express themselves through music and movement
  • Acquire words
  • Gain school readiness skills
  • Learn socialization with others kids, sharing, taking turns, and circle time. 

But most importantly, early music education maximizes your child’s aptitude for learning music later.  Are you imagining piano lessons or a band instrument in your child’s future?  Exposing them to music from birth to age 5 gives them the most solid chance of learning that instrument later!   


One of the bonuses of group music classes is the community you get to build with other families.  Many friendships have been forged during a Wee Bop class session and it’s lovely to make those connections of support. 

We welcome you to our new NE home at Sarah Jane's Music School

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