Fall Registration

Governor Walz announced Minnesota's Safe Learning Plan on Thursday, July 30.  We will review the details of this plan to ensure we are in alignment with the plan and open our registration the week of August 3.  Please visit our site after that date to find out about your fall class options.  If you would like to receive an email when registration opens, please click here.

Learning & Playing Safely

As we navigate our "new normal" we will put safety precautions in place at our locations to make our environments as safe as possible.

  1. Classes will be at 50% capacity (5-6 families).
  2. Teachers will wear face shields while teaching to allow singing and for children to see their faces.
  3. One adult only, is allowed to attend with an enrolled child. (Exceptions allowed for private classes)
  4. Adults are required to wear face masks during class.
  5. Masks on children is encouraged but not required (we understand they are too young)
  6. Hand washing is required before each class.
  7. Hand sanitizer is available and encouraged.
  8. Each students has a bin of instruments to use during the session that only they and their adult will handle.  The materials will be sanitized after every class.
  9. If you are unwell, you must participate from home.