Summer music classes


It's summer and we are ready to get out of the house, see friendly faces, socialize, sing, move your body, play.  These are all benefits of a Wee Bop music class.  (Did I also mention that in Northeast we share the building with SIP coffee?  You can get a snack and caffeine bump before or after class.)


This summer you can take online or reduced-capacity in-person classes with your baby, toddler or preschooler in both Northeast (at Straightline Fitness) and Hopkins (at kiddywampus toy store)


Find classes that work best for you from the menu on the left.

Learning & Playing Safely

As we navigate our "new normal" we will put safety precautions in place at our locations to make our environments as safe as possible.

  1. Classes are at 50% capacity (5-6 families).
  2. Teachers wear face shields while teaching to allow singing and for children to see their faces.
  3. One adult only, is allowed to attend with an enrolled child. (Exceptions allowed for private classes)
  4. Adults are required to wear face masks during class.
  5. Masks on children is encouraged but not required (we understand they are too young)
  6. Hand washing is required before each class.
  7. Hand sanitizer is available and encouraged.
  8. Each students has a bundle of instruments to use during the session that only they and their adult will handle.  The materials will be sanitized after every class.
  9. If you are unwell, you must participate from home or arrange an online make up class.

Safety First

Keeping all of us safe during this time is our top priority.  Please download the preparedness plan below to see the safety protocols we have put in place at each of our locations this fall.  If you are not comfortable coming to a class in-person, please look at the online options on Mon, Tues and Thurs.

Wee Bop Covid Preparedness Plan
Safety protocols Fall 2020
Covid19 Preparedness Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 44.0 KB