"Build your own" Summer Camps

"Thank you teacher Chellie for teaching me so many fun songs this year.  I love you and I love that I'm going to a camp this summer!" ~ JS, student

Due to limitations at the NE Mpls rental space we will not be holding summer camps like we traditionally have in the past.  However, this summer you can build your own summer camp!  You provide a group of 6 or more kids (cousins, neighbors, friends) and we come to a location that you secure (backyard, church) with the craft materials, instruments and instruction.



  • For ages 3-9 (3 year olds must be potty trained)
  • One week camp
  • Three days per week
  • Two hours each day
  • Includes crafts, singing, dancing and instruments

Themes to choose from are: Fairies, Space, Dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, Moana, Pirates and Superheroes.


COST - $150/child which includes all materials, instruments and instruction

Minimum of 6 kids, maximum of 10