Celebrate 10 years of Wee Bop: pre-order our first CD!

Exciting news! This fall, 2015, marks Wee Bop's 10th Anniversary and we are celebrating by recording our first CD in June! Now you can have the music from class at home or in the car! Our Indiegogo Campaign is now underway until June 14 and we're hoping you can help us raise the $7,500 we need to make this dream a reality.

Give their brain something to sing about!

Join the friends you already have or those you're about to meet at a Wee Bop music class. Each week warm, professional teachers will welcome you to your music class which is designed to be just the right fit for your child's current age and developmental level.


Wee Bop® music classes are much more than singing children's songs - they immerse kids in language, stimulate the brain, promote rhythmic skills, encourage movement and dancing, fire up imagination and advance social interaction.  A music class can also be a gentle introduction to a structured class environment that prepares children for preschool and other group settings.


Wee Bop® offers high-quality, affordable classes that expose your child to the fundamentals of early music learning with GOOD music and fun activities for children AND adults. You'll learn about great kid's artist and meet other parents with young kids.

"My son is always excited when I tell him we're going to music class.  He has learned to keep a beat and he's only two!  We love singing the songs from class at home.  Thank you!"  ~ parent