Roseville ECFE-Fairview Community Center

1910 County Road B West

Music Classes 2015-2016

Photo by Maren Cotton Photography
Photo by Maren Cotton Photography

Wee Bop offers music classes at the Roseville ECFE program at Fairview School in Roseville, MN. You do not have to be a resident of Roseville to participate in the classes.


Classes for 0-5 year olds are offered on Tuesday and Friday during the school year. For a complete listing of classes visit the program website, register online or call the ECFE office at 651-487-4378.

What you taught him, stayed with him
"In Kindergarten, for my son's first project he wrote improvisation (spelled in his own creative way, but it was recognizable, once you knew what you were looking for) and drew a picture of a jazz band.  The teacher said to us at his conference - 'I never had something like this happen before'.  I guess he owes it to your jazz music class!  It is so great that what you taught him, stayed with him!"
- Pam K.

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